How to Review Speaking Easy on iTunes

review speaking easy podcast on iTunes

Your comments and 5 star rating will help other cocktail-lovers find Speaking Easy Podcast. Help us out and share the cocktail love!

Since iTunes is the most popular podcast platform, we think that it is pretty great. Most people also listen to podcasts on their phone but iTunes does not make it easy for people to leave reviews or ratings from their phone. If you listen to us on iTunes and like what we do, we’d love for you leave us a comment and a 5 star rating! You’ll need to do this on a computer though, not your phone (it’s possible on a phone but it’s a pain). The more comments and % star ratings we receive, the higher we rank and the easier it is for other cocktail-lovers to find Speaking Easy Podcast.

How to Review Speaking Easy on iTunes

1. From your computer, go to Speaking Easy Podcast on iTunes

We made it easy for you >> Click Here. You’ll want to do this from a computer. It might work on an iPad (we haven’t tried it) but we know for sure that it is a pain to leave a review from a phone.

2. Open in iTunesView in iTunes

If you aren’t automatically prompted to launch iTunes, click the “View in iTunes” button. If you don’t have iTunes, you’ll have to downloaded it. We realize this could be a pain if you don’t already have iTunes. We’ll forgive you if you give up, but we’d really appreciate a review and rating.

3. Click “Ratings and Reviews”

Click “Ratings and Reviews” and tell us what you think! We’d love a 5 star rating from you and a review. Tell us what you like about the show. Tell us what you’ve learned from Alex and Jordan. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks in advance and cheers to being a better drinker!

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