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Episode #087 – Frozen Cocktails

While a slushie machine is *probably* impractical for the home bartender, frozen drinks are fantastic for hot summer days. The great thing about Frozen cocktails for the home bartender is that you can experiment/hide mistakes easily.

Episode #086 – Pisco Cocktails

This week on the Speaking Easy Podcast, Alex and Jordan head south for the border, to South America, to visit with one of the great unaged spirits of the globe, Pisco.

Episode #084 – Pimm’s Cup Cocktails

Put on your best sundress or pastel colored slacks and grab a cold Pimm’s Cup, before joining us out on the croquet field. No, not a pimp cup, a Pimm’s Cup. What is a Pimm’s Cup you ask? Let us tell you.

Episode #083 – The Research of Drinking

This is a bit of a different episode, where Alex and Jordan turn one of their trademarked* phrases, “Research & Drinkin’,” to tackle a little about their process for finding inspiration.

Episode #079 – Being a Better Bar Patron

Are you a good bar-attender? There are a few unofficial (and sometimes official) rules to be a good bar patron. We gathered these from friends who have worked as bartenders and servers in all ranges of bars, from fine craft cocktail establishments to dive bars.

Episode #078- Vodka, Really?

Do you like vodka? No? Neither do we, but it is America’s most popular spirit (accounts for approximately one-third of all spirits sales by volume), so we felt obliged to finally talk about it on the show.