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Episode #078- Vodka, Really?

Do you like vodka? No? Neither do we, but it is America’s most popular spirit (accounts for approximately one-third of all spirits sales by volume), so we felt obliged to finally talk about it on the show.

Episode #076 – Mai Tai Cocktail and Variations

The Mai Tai debuted in the 1940’s, as Trader Vic helped Tiki take off in the U.S. and remains one of the most popular tiki drinks. Throw on a Hawaiian shirt and mix yourself a Mai Tai cocktail.

Episode #075 – Sangria

If you are familiar with sangria, you are most likely most familiar with red wine sangria, but white wine sangria is equally good and worth discovering at home for summer cookouts and mellow Sunday drinking.

Episode #073 – Swedish Punsch Cocktails

Swedish Punsch may sound like the rudest Ikea™ furniture ever, but it’s actually a sweet, spicy, savory, rum-like concoction worth having on your home bar. While some of the notes, like caramel, smoke, and toffee, might make you lean towards using it in the fall and winter (which you should), Punsch is just the right ingredient for all seasons with the way it pairs with citrus and other warm weather ingredients. It’s basically a grog that is, traditionally, served warm (a good idea).

Episode #072 – Homemade Liqueurs and Cocktails to Make with Them

Homemade liqueurs can be an easy and inexpensive way to take your home bartending to an entirely new level. With just a few ingredients—the fresher, the better—sugar, and water, you can create ready-to-drink concoctions for your guests, or something more complex and interesting than just straight liquor for a bit more of an elaborate approach.

Episode #070 – Beer and a Shot Combos

Beer and a shot go together as classically as peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly, or lime and ginger. Even with a local, craft microbrew and an ounce of good Scotch, there is something quintessentially blue-collar about the combination of the two.

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