Interview with Fellow Home Bartender, Erin Campbell – Episode #014

Erin Campbell - Cocktails - Speaking Easy Podcast

This week we interview fellow home bartender and part-time cocktail professional Erin Campbell, and talk to her about her experience as a server at 2 Birds 1 Stone, a top-notch DC cocktail establishment, and employee at One Eight Distillery. She also answered a few questions for us. Enjoy!

What got you interested in cocktails?

What first got me interested in cocktails was living in France- there are so many French liqueurs that I had never seen before (Crème de Violette, Crème de Cassis, Chartreuse, Benedictine, Chambord, Calvados, etc.) and I was fascinated and brought a few back with me. I’d say DC is becoming a ‘cocktail’ city and since working at 2 Birds 1 Stone and One Eight I’ve been able to see the professional side of cocktail making.

What’s the first cocktail you remember enjoying?

The first cocktail I remember enjoying was made by a guy (there’s always a ‘guy’ right?). We drank Aviations and Last Words, so then I was hooked.

What do you like to make most at home?

What I make at home changes but recently I’ve been making dirty gin martinis or manhattans (with Dubonnet and One Eight Untitled whiskeys).

What would you suggest reading or watching to a new home bartender? What skills should they pick up?

For a new home bartender I’d say to start going to cocktail bars to see what you like and then just google away to find what you need to make it. I would suggest some basic tools- a shot glass to measure, a mason jar to shake, and a strainer of some sort works fine for me.

What’s your favorite/least favorite cocktail(s)?

Favorite cocktail, for me it’s like your first love- gotta go with the aviation or last word. Least favorite cocktail- anything with white rum or elderflower, ”bomb” drinks

What cocktail trend do you love/hate?

Favorite trend- house made mixers, egg white cocktails (what a bartender loves to hate), Things that should be a trend that I love- cocktails with coconut milk or yuzu. Cocktail trend I hate- barrel aged cocktails, coffee, exclusive speakeasies

Her Signature Drink:

A pineapple lime margarita with Old Bay salted rim