Episode #048: Hot Cocktails – Some Like it Hot


The weather is becoming cold, so our drinks get hot. Break out the crock pot and get to mixing drinks that will warm the hearts and souls of friends and family.

On the Speaking Easy Podcast, you’ve heard us talk about ways of modifying your drinks in ways that you may have tinkered around with in the past–shaken or stirred, shaking with or without ice, adding egg white, adding all kinds of bitters, infusions, and even how to make Jägermeister palatable*. But on this week’s episode of the podcast, we talk more in depth about one of the most tried and true ways to increase your cocktail repetoire–by heating them up.

Now, it should be noted that not all warm or hot drinks are created equal. Certain ingredients, such as Fernet Branca, are made to be served cold. But overall, we encourage you to branch out and even try some of your favorite classics warm.

With hot drinks, you’re taking the one factor of making drinks that is most often assumed–its temperature–and making the intention not to refresh the palette, but to physically warm the body. In many ways, that is, the history of warm drinks would lead you to believe that their design is more functional than aesthetic, and in that, you’d be part right. but there can be a beauty in that utilitarian nature as well.

On this week’s episode you’ll learn about:

  • Recipes for some warm drinks not named Hot Toddy (http://speakingeasypodcast.com/recipe-hot-toddy/)
  • How certain spices will come into play in your construction
  • Why warm drinks aren’t all that different from cold drinks
  • A few ways to please every palette

Other Features:

Lukewarm Drinks, Enthusiastic Reaction in The New York Times. https://www.google.com/amp/mobile.nytimes.com/2015/11/25/dining/lukewarm-cocktails-enthusiastic-reaction.amp.html A case study in how changing flavors can really change up drinks, a somewhat more mainstream trend  (especially since this article) in bars you may just find yourself in front of one day. Having had some, we can certainly say that it takes a fine craftsman to pull off lukewarm.

*Okay, Alex may be stretching it with how successful his Jägeroni was, but a combo of Jäger, vermouth , and Gin has gotta work some day, right ?