Episode #064 – Highball Cocktails

Highball cocktails are mixed drinks made of an alcoholic base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer. Think Gin & Tonic or Whiskey Ginger. Simple yet delicious.

Highballs, the  “long” or “tall” drink traditionally comes with only just two ingredients, liquor and soda water, and can be a little flat sometimes. On this episode, Alex and Jordan explore these drinks and talk about ways to enhance highball cocktails for you and your guests.

Okay, for a bit of clarification, *technically* highballs aren’t cocktails, the latter of which traditionally is defined as a mixture of two or more ingredients of primarily alcohol, while highballs are mostly soda or fruit juice by volume. The International Bar Association (IBA) list of Official Cocktails includes some highballs, so we’ll go with their flexible definition.
A few of our “fixes” in the episode include adding herbs, spices, bitters, and other syrups or liqueurs. These recipes include the simple fixes, like asking for a few dashes of bitters in your next Whiskey Ginger during a night out, to the original cocktail ideas. Either way, taking your highball game to a new and interesting stage is all in how you pair, contrast, and mix your ingredients. So let’s get crackin’.