Episode #032 – Hair of the Dog – Hangover Cocktails and Cures

hair of the dog - hang over cures - hang over cocktails

“A bit of the hair of the dog that bit you.”

 –The cure for rabies according to medieval ‘doctors’ was to make a potion with a bit of fur from the dog that infected you.

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t work and we’re not going to give it a try, either.

On this week’s episode, we talk about one of the more important strategies to the adventurous imbiber: how to recover when you’ve had too much. While hangovers can be avoided (don’t drink too much and make sure to hydrate before you reach a certain point), sometimes that doesn’t happen. So, we talk about how to ease the pain of your poor decisions.

On this week’s episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How cocktails were originally known for their medicinal qualities
  • How cocktails were originally known for being drunk in the morning
  • How to make a few cocktails for the morning to take the edge off last night
  • A few nonalcoholic solutions that may not actually work, but sometimes work for us

Hangover Cocktails

The Corpse Reviver No. 2:

With a name like this, there’s gotta be something to it. Part of the larger family of  Corpse Revivers, No. 2 is considered the best — it is. This family of drinks was made for the morning, with the original Savoy Cocktail book instructing drinkers of variation No. 1 to have it before 11 a.m.

And a little more on this drink: The Enduring Legacy of the Corpse Reviver Cocktail in Tales of the Cocktail.


How Well Do You Actually Know the Fizz? in PUNCH: Fizzes were one of the original hangover cures–and they are still good ones. Get to know them.

Bloody Mary

3 Key Ingredients for Alex’s Bloody Mary: