Episode #084 – Pimm’s Cup Cocktails

Put on your best sundress or pastel colored slacks and grab a cold Pimm’s Cup, before joining us out on the croquet field. No, not a pimp cup, a Pimm’s Cup. What is a Pimm’s Cup you ask? Let us tell you.

It’s the thick of summer (in the northern hemisphere, at least) and WOW it has been hot here in the District of Columbia. Like the kind of warm that makes a metal apartment balcony into a virtual Weber® Grill. It’s been the kind of hot where hikes have to be canceled, picnics have to be postponed, and well, the outdoors just kind of have to wait until the melt is over.

But if you’re like the boys of Speaking Easy, you long for long summer nights on the patio with good friends and fresh drinks. You crave the memories made by campfires. The smell of a forest in the morning. So you venture outside.

And it’s still hot.

So how do you deal? Well, we encourage you to both imbibe on something tasty (and boozy), but not three sheets to the wind (you know, safety is first!). So your Negroni is gonna cause problems.

In comes the Pimm’s Cup. The symbol of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Pimm’s Cups, the fruit-filled, flavorful long drinks are the perfect summer concoction for any party, but especially those where the sun is the main guest. Lower ABV, these drinks offer a different spin on a drink that many may compare to a sangria, and when done right, aren’t overly sweet or deceptively syrupy.

In this episode, we talk about the Pimm’s Cup done right, and also:

  • The different kinds of Pimm’s (including those that aren’t available anymore—sad)
  • What a “cup” or “fruit cup” is as a class of drinks
  • Basic construction of a Pimm’s Cup
  • How to win at tennis (okay, maybe not)

If you’re still struggling with the idea, check out this video from Liquor.Com on, basically, how to Pimm’s up your life: HOW TO COCKTAIL: PIMM’S CUP

Extra Good Things:

KEEP CALM and HAVE A PIMMS fridge magnet: You got a fridge, right? Then you got a place for this.

Pimm’s Cup Napoleon House Glass: Get real fancy and somewhat official with this glass. Proper glassware is always important.

Pimms Cup Art Print: Part of the appeal of a Pimm’s Cup (especially given its affiliation with Wimbledon, another stylish event) is the look. This print captures that.


How do you build a Pimm’s Cup? Let us know by making it, take a picture, and then include #ToBeingABetterDrinker on your post on any social media platform!