Episode #083 – The Research of Drinking

This is a bit of a different episode, where Alex and Jordan turn one of their trademarked* phrases, “Research & Drinkin’,” to tackle a little about their process for finding inspiration. This includes some of the resources that we use for finding inspiration—whether books, magazines, or websites. Some of these are obvious crossovers (e.g. Imbibe has a great print magazine as well as a go-to website) but just deal with the fact that we put them in our favorite formats. You’ll be fine.

Just a few to check out when you need your next idea:


Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails: From the Alamagoozlum to the Zombie 100 Rediscovered Recipes and the Stories Behind Them by Ted Haigh. “Dr. Cocktail” mixes up one of the best little reference books on old drinks that are worth a try to the more advanced home bartender. Plus, this little book is SPIRAL-BOUND so that you can actually use it on the bar. More recipe books need to take notice!


Imbibe Magazine: Imbibe is truly a great resource for drinkers of spirits and non-alcoholic mixtures alike. One of the reasons we like the print copy is precisely for the variety you find—in both octane and family-friendly—when flipping through the pages. Always giddy when Imbibe arrives at our doors (in case you’re wondering, Jordan and Alex do not live in the same apartment/bar, which surprised even us).


PUNCH (http://punchdrink.com/): PUNCH is a great online publication with a massive database of great drinks, from the pre-Prohibition classics to the ultra-modern chic. You can even search by ingredients (just how AM I supposed to use Bonal?) and match it to something tried-and-true as needed. A definite for your bookmarks today.

Jordan’s Go-To Websites—

  • Boston
  • Difford’s Guide
  • Homebartendr
  • Tuxedo No. 2
  • Stir & Strain
  • Apartment Bartender
  • Jeffery Morgenthaler
  • The Drink Blog
  • Two for the Bar

Alex’s Go-To Websites—

  • Difford’s Guide
  • Roberts & June
  • The Cocktail Guru
  • Com
  • Tuxedo No. 2
  • Ginhound
  • Stir & Strain
  • The Spirits Business

What resources do you use on the regular for your home bartending needs? Let us know!

*But not actually as of yet, so seriously we hope you don’t steal it because we’d be really sad if you did. And when we’re sad, our podcasts are sad, which makes other people sad. The sadness.