Episode #080 – Interview with Matt Seigel

Alex and Jordan talk with Matt Seigel, a well-known bartender who got his start at Eleven Madison Park and The NoMad. Now, he is the owner of In The Spirit Of Hospitality, which seems to be keeping him very busy.

During the conversation we hit a lot of the major themes you’ve heard throughout the show from Episode #001 now to Episode #080. We really love hearing professionals talk about home experiences and experiments, and Matt brought plenty of good stories and good advice to the conversation.

We really enjoyed hearing about the evolution of Matt’s appreciation for spirits and cocktails, to his entry in the professional ranks, and his continued appreciation for a simple drink at home with his brother.

Below Matt answered our “go to” questions to get you started:

What’s the first cocktail you remember really enjoying?
Old Fashioned
What do you like to make most at home?
Blanc Vermouth, Club Soda, Squeeze of Lemon
What would you suggest reading or watching to a new home bartender? What skills should they pick up?
The Fine Art Of Mixing Drinks by David A. Embury
What’s your favorite/least favorite cocktail(s)?
Hard question to answer..so many variables but really, really enjoy a good Sazerac, and don’t really like Champagne cocktails.
What cocktail trend(s) do you love/hate?
Really like Low ABV drinks and the return of old bad classics done right, don’t like people taking themselves too seriously.
If you have one (or a few), what would say is your ‘signature drink’?
Really proud of the Always Betz On Black as it was a tribute to one of my mentors as a gift to him on his last day of us working together and stayed on the menu at both EMP and NoMad for quite some time. However, in Los Angeles I’m probably best known for “the drink with the rose in it.” (The Pink Pussycat at Delilah)
Can you share with us one of your favorite toasts?
“The Jack went out golfing, he’s hot through and through; quick fix him a Highball whatever you do!” – King of Hearts Drink Book (1955)
Where can people connect with you online? (website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)