Episode #051: Dairy Cocktails – Nogs & More



As good Midwest boys, both Jordan and Alex were raised on getting their vitamins. So why should you skip out on that when drinking? Milk, creams, and other dairy products can be a lot of fun to play with in a home bar, but there’s definitely some routes not to go. Today, we’ll discuss just a little of past successes—and failures—in lactose-based adventures.

(Or, for lactose intolerant listeners (and our very own co-host Alex), lactose-free adventures.)

In this episode, we cover a beginner’s guide to milk and dairy-based cocktails, including:

  • How to construct a milk- or cream-based cocktail without going overboard
  • How NOT to construct a milk- or cream-based cocktail BECAUSE you went overboard
  • Some of the spices and other flavorings to really make your dairy cocktails be bright when it gets dark our during the winter months


We’ve brought it up before, but you’re really going to need a nutmeg grater for your dairy cocktails here. Because we’ve warned you before, but no pre-grated nutmeg will ever, ever, ever, EVER compare to the fresh stuff.

Eggnog—The Most Divisive Topic at Speaking Easy (at least this week): Here at the Speaking Easy Podcast, there is a stark divide among our hosts on their opinions on eggnog, which is perhaps the most divisive drink of all-time (you either love it or hate it!). Jordan, a big fan, would recommend making it yourself, as the fresh stuff here definitely lends itself better to pairing with a nice bourbon for a cold late-December night. He would recommend Alton Brown’s excellent recipe because it focuses on just a few ingredients, so you can use extra high-quality provisions to make the best version (plus, Mr. Brown’s recipe already calls for the bourbon, not having to worry about how much to add later).

Alex would not recommend eggnog unless he’s already had his fill of uncooked pancake mix and is ready for something with a little booze. Come to think of it, he might prefer the uncooked pancake mix.