Episode #021- Ginger Beer Cocktails

Ginger Cocktails - Speaking Easy Podcast (1)

Alex's Moscow MuleIt’s that time of year–what we at the Speaking Easy Podcast call Moscow Mule season. Yes,. that’s right, there’s a time of year when some whiskey-drinkin’, gin mixin’ guys like us kick off our shoes and embrace vodka. This simple drink is definitely a favorite of ours. We have a full recipe on that drink–primarily vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer–on our website (Anatomy of a Drink: Alex’s Moscow Mule).

We wanted to take a deeper look at one of the ingredients to the Mule– ginger beer. It’s spicier than it’s cousin, ginger ale, and much drier (i.e. less sweet). It adds body to drinks, and brings a degree of refreshing flavor that isn’t found when drinking it without booze. It certainly seems to us that something as wonderful as ginger beer deserves an episode all its own.

Some Favorite Ginger Beers:

Ginger Cocktails - Speaking Easy PodcastWe’ve got a link to a video on making your own below (#DIYbartending is a lifestyle, folks), but a few we love. But seriously, we could only list a few–we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Barritt’s: If you follow us on Instagram (and seriously, if you’re not, you’re late to the party!) you see that this is our stock ginger beer. It’s affordable, it’s available, and it’s good to go.

Gosling’s: If you want to make a true Dark ‘n Stormy, you gotta go with Gosling’s. We’re pretty sure it’s a law or something.

Reed’s: Another fantastic brand we love. Plus, a great label will get you far with us.

Fever Tree: Probably the cleanest tasting of the group, this is a favorite of a lot of people who serve us ginger beer drinks. They’ve said it’s “rollin’ out the good stuff.” We agree.

Bundaberg: A deeper, richer flavor than others on the list, this is something to reach for especially when you’re pairing with a deeper, richer liquor, like a rye.

Other Features:

How to Make Ginger Beer: It’s really easy, and this video will have you running to your supermarket to get some ginger right now. You might want to order a microplane before too long.

Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, and the History of the Moscow Mule, Mental Floss: The story of the Moscow Mule is one of the great success stories in cocktail marketing.