Episode #052: Flips, Fizzes, and Egg White Cocktails

Cocktails are really all about balance. In flavor, aroma, and color, something about a cocktail just has to come together to make it complete. Another element that needs to be in balance is really the focus of the drinks on this week’s episode, but there isn’t one word to describe it: texture, weight, mouthfeel, etc. But the idea is the same—how your palate’s tactile sense feels about a drink. Eggs—both with the yolks and whites—are an age-old way to change this up, and the focus of our episode.

As is the case in any classic and storied drink category, there’s a lot of overlap for the definitions of flips, fizzes, and so on. So for the purposes of this episode, we generally say that a flip has both the egg yolk and egg white, while the other drinks typically do not include yolks. Some recipes, like golden fizzes for instance, cross that boundary, but delving into the history isn’t our point—it’s to talk about great drinks incorporating eggs for the ever important texture additive.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A little of the history of egg white cocktails
  • How to construct a basic drink with an egg
  • What an egg yolk or egg white actually does to your drink

Aquafaba–An Alternative to Egg Whites:

Here at the Speaking Easy Podcast, our aim is to always try to equip our listeners, followers, and readers with ideas for being the best drinkers they can be, and that includes being a host all sorts of guests. This obviously may include guests with dietary restrictions or specific choices, like vegans. Obviously, if you’re a vegan, or if your guests are vegan, this episode probably doesn’t attract you. But we have good news!

Aquafaba is essentially chickpea water, and has many of the same characteristics as egg whites, with a bit of a lighter quality than egg whites. In fact, there may be times when you, even as an omnivore, may prefer aquafaba in your cocktails! So we think it’s worth a try! Check out how below.

How to Use Aquafaba (AKA Chickpea Brine) for Vegan “Egg White” Cocktails from Tales of the Cocktail.