Best Cocktail Bars in DC

Our favorite Washington, DC cocktail bars and drinking establishments, where you’re likely to find us any given weekend – no stalkers please. A comprehensive list of the best places to get a drink in the nation’s capital.

The Best Cocktail Books – In Our Opinion

Jordan and Alex love cocktails – it’s sorta the reason they started this podcast. Not only do they spend their fair share of time drinking cocktails, but also reading other blogs, magazines, articles, and cocktail books. Here are some of their favorite cocktail books, likely to be a favorite of any home bartender.

A Home Bartender’s Guide to Sweetness

There is sweetness to be found all over–in wine, in garnishes and other ingredients. But sugar–whether dissolved as a syrup, muddled with other ingredients, or lining your glass–is one of the most common ways to add sweetness.

What We’re Reading – Mezcal, Watermelon, & Ice Cream

Summer really is the time to get a party going, and we hope you’re making your guests something fresh, something complex, and something tasty. Hopefully all in the same glass. Here’s what we’ve been reading – it should give you a few ideas.

Ten Things Alex Just Won’t Do – Cocktail Edition

Jordan and Alex try not to be snobs, but there comes a point when something has just gotten out of hand. So I wanted to make a list of have things I just won’t do. Like Meatloaf. Here’s the top (bottom?) 10, in no particular order, because I didn’t want to think about them so much:

What We’re Reading – July 6th

If you’re an American, hopefully you had a great Independence Day on July 4th, and if you’re not American, you had a nice Monday on Monday, July 4th, anyway. Sometimes you need some reading for under a tree or during these lingering rain storms; thankfully, we’ve done the searching for you.

What We’re Reading – July 1, 2016

In this week’s edition, we’ve got some great articles for you on distinguished spirits with similar names, a rear view look at the bourbon boom, and then something involving spaghetti. So let’s get to it!

A Most Brief History of Tiki

Tiki, as a drinking culture, holds an interesting place in American history. And, to be sure, even with Polynesian-style décor and exotic-sounding names for drinks, Tiki is an American form.