Episode #062 – Oscars Cocktails, Academy Awards Drinks

The Oscars are great for celebrating the great movies of the last year, and whether or not they featured scenes with a brew, a shot, or your favorite Oscars cocktail you should probably have a drink while you watch the awards.

Best Cocktail Bars in DC

Our favorite Washington, DC cocktail bars and drinking establishments, where you’re likely to find us any given weekend – no stalkers please. A comprehensive list of the best places to get a drink in the nation’s capital.

Episode #056 – Other Whiskey – Japanese, Rye, Indian, Moonshine

We love whiskey. We’ve done shows on bourbon, scotch, and talked some about Irish whiskey. While we could easily do full episodes on all the other types of whiskey, we are starting off with this grab bag, mishmash of what we’re calling “other whisk(e)y”. Cheers!

The Best Cocktail Books – In Our Opinion

Jordan and Alex love cocktails – it’s sorta the reason they started this podcast. Not only do they spend their fair share of time drinking cocktails, but also reading other blogs, magazines, articles, and cocktail books. Here are some of their favorite cocktail books, likely to be a favorite of any home bartender.