Episode #084 – Pimm’s Cup Cocktails

Put on your best sundress or pastel colored slacks and grab a cold Pimm’s Cup, before joining us out on the croquet field. No, not a pimp cup, a Pimm’s Cup. What is a Pimm’s Cup you ask? Let us tell you.

Episode #076 – Mai Tai Cocktail and Variations

The Mai Tai debuted in the 1940’s, as Trader Vic helped Tiki take off in the U.S. and remains one of the most popular tiki drinks. Throw on a Hawaiian shirt and mix yourself a Mai Tai cocktail.

Episode #075 – Sangria

If you are familiar with sangria, you are most likely most familiar with red wine sangria, but white wine sangria is equally good and worth discovering at home for summer cookouts and mellow Sunday drinking.

Episode #073 – Swedish Punsch Cocktails

Swedish Punsch may sound like the rudest Ikea™ furniture ever, but it’s actually a sweet, spicy, savory, rum-like concoction worth having on your home bar. While some of the notes, like caramel, smoke, and toffee, might make you lean towards using it in the fall and winter (which you should), Punsch is just the right ingredient for all seasons with the way it pairs with citrus and other warm weather ingredients. It’s basically a grog that is, traditionally, served warm (a good idea).

Episode #067: Three Ingredient Cocktails

We are often asked about “easy” cocktails to make, and for cocktails that don’t take much up-front investment in new bottles. This episode, we do just that and dial down on three ingredient cocktails.

Episode #064 – Highball Cocktails

Highball cocktails are mixed drinks made of an alcoholic base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer. Think Gin & Tonic or Whiskey Ginger. Simple yet delicious.