Ep #103 – Stocking a Home Bar – Bottle Recommendations

This week Alex & Jordan answer a question we’ve gotten for our entire 2 years, and only ever answered in spurts: what bottle should I pick up? And we try to answer that question with a few of our favorite recurring bottles from our bars.

Episode #102 – Winetails or Wine Cocktails

We know, we know—we haven’t done a wine episode. And this still isn’t it. But we felt that we owed our listeners some version of an episode dedicated to the fruit of the vine, in addition to our Sangria episode, and so we hope we came through with winetails.

Episode #099 – Interview with Blair Reynolds

Blair Reynolds is a devoted drink aficionado and an innovative bartender and a well-loved bar owner based in Portland, Oregon. His dedication to sharing his passion for tropical libations and tiki culture is unmatched.

Episode #093 – Interview with Bourbon Historian Michael Veach

There are a few times when our podcast has allowed us the opportunity to meet someone we’ve followed and admired for a number of years, whether it’s an author, a distiller, or a bartender. To close our group of episodes during Bourbon Heritage Month, we were able to record one of those conversations for this week’s episode, a conversation with Michael Veach, one of bourbon’s foremost historians and a legend in Bourbon Country.

Episode #090 – Bourbon Heritage Month

Happy Bourbon Heritage Month from the Speaking Easy Crew! We’re going full bourbon this month, bringing you several episodes based on our favorite native spirit. Toast with us all month with episodes, amazing guests, and other features.

Episode #088 – Interview with Emma Janzen

We talk with Emma Janzen, author of Mezcal. Emma is a journalist, photographer, and editor based in Chicago, where she currently works as the digital content editor at Imbibe Magazine.