Episode #059 – Super Bowl Cocktails

This is a show primarily about cocktails, so I’ll get to my recipes shortly, but before I do, I have to say that I think of the parties and social norms of Super Bowl celebrations requires any good host of these events to provide his or her guests with plenty of BEER. But, we have some ideas for cocktails too…

Episode #058 – Mocktails

Sometimes you want to take it easy or mix up a drink for a guest who would like to abstain. Shake up a mocktail, kick back, and enjoy. Cheers!

Episode #057 – What We’re Working On

Alex and Jordan are always working on new cocktail ideas and techniques. Pickles, white rum, creme de cocoa, and popsicles are on their list for 2017. What about you?

Episode #039: Vermouth Cocktails

This episode, learn more about vermouth and the role it plays in both classic and contemporary cocktails. Vermouth usually plays a secondary in cocktails, but can be a featured ingredient. Classics like a Manhattan or Martini are great for highlighting vermouth.

Episode #038: Bourbon Cocktails

If you listen to the show, you know bourbon is one of our favorite spirits. This episode, we dip into the world of bourbon cocktails. Cheers!

Trinity Cocktail Recipe

The original recipe for the Trinity Cocktail comes from Savoy Cocktail Book, which has a plethora of classic and obscure cocktail recipes. We really enjoy the Trinity Cocktail and were reminded of it recently while speaking with Alex Boyd of Cocktail Crate for Episode #026. As he mentions in the episode, it is a wonderfully simple cocktail with a surprising depth of flavor.

Corpse Reviver #2 Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail hits you like an open hand to the face on a cold day. It’ll wake you up quick, and knock you back on your butt if you have more than a couple.

Brandy Cobbler Cocktail Recipe

This is more a blueprint than a recipe, and the same proportions can be made with other dark spirits (i.e. dark rum, bourbon, or blended whiskey). This is also a great drink to tinker with different brandies, seasonal fruit, and sweeteners.

Aviation Cocktail Recipe

The Aviation is a classic cocktail made with gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice. Some recipes omit the crème de violette. It is served straight up, in a cocktail glass. Add this classic to your home bar routine. Your friends will thank you.

The Cosmopolitan & The Orange Thai Basil Cosmo

The standard Cosmo is also heavy on Cranberry juice, almost matching the proportion of vodka—I think that is a mistake, but to each his own palate. See how we make it and our spin on the classic, using Bella Mar Spirits Orange Thai Basil vodka.