Episode #047: Apple Brandy Cocktails and Cider Cocktails

If an “apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then apple brandy, a distilled liquor which seeks to concentrate the form and flavor of the apple, must keep them away for a whole week! This week, we talk Apple Brandy Cocktails.

Episode #045: Sweet Cocktails

Sweetness is an essential part to building any drink. A well-made drink is one that’s balanced, and that won’t change. But some drinks feature their sweetness as the star of the show.

Episode #044: Cocktail Garnishes

Garnishes are an important part of home bartending, one that’s often overlooked (including by your hosts). Dressing up your drinks is part of the “ritual” of making drinks—the finishing touch to your masterpiece.

Episode #043: Fall Cocktails

On today’s episode, we discuss Fall Cocktails for every drinker. On this episode, you’ll hear about: How to change your flavor palette from summer to fall; A few cocktails to entertain your guests indoors—and outdoors; How to play on fall themes for your

Episode #042: Orange Liqueurs – Triple Sec and Curaçao

Orange liqueurs are part of the essential building blocks for hundreds of famous cocktails: Margarita, Sidecar, White Lady, Mai Tai, and Corpse Reviver No. 2, to name just a few of the more famous ones. While there are other variations, such as the cognac-based Grand Marnier, the two most famous orange liqueurs are Triple Sec and Curaçao.

Episode #040 – Scotch Cocktails

Scotch is a beautiful, wonderful, storied drink with a tradition unlike any other. It has been the subject of many odes and poetry; it’s the source of great admiration (and price tags to follow), and it’s a major source of income for Scotland. This week, we delve just a little into this glorious substance, and let the murmurs of whisky (without an “e” for this episode) drinkers of yore tell the brown liquor’s tale.

Episode #037: Absinthe Cocktails

Supposed psychoactive properties, allegedly from the presence of trace amounts of thujone in the distilled spirit, got absinthe effectively banned in the United States from 1915 to 2007. The spirit remains steeped in mystery, with a flavor that’s hard to describe but sought-after by mixologists in fine cocktail bars and at home. So what is really going on with absinthe?

Episode #036: Moscow Mules, Vodka Bucks

Not just those drinks in those pretty copper mugs, Moscow Mules are actually a conundrum of cocktails. One of the few classic drinks from the post-Prohibition era, the story of the birth of the Moscow Mule only adds to its allure.

A Home Bartender’s Guide to Sweetness

There is sweetness to be found all over–in wine, in garnishes and other ingredients. But sugar–whether dissolved as a syrup, muddled with other ingredients, or lining your glass–is one of the most common ways to add sweetness.