Episode #086 – Pisco Cocktails

This week on the Speaking Easy Podcast, Alex and Jordan head south for the border, to South America, to visit with one of the great unaged spirits of the globe, Pisco.

Episode #083 – The Research of Drinking

This is a bit of a different episode, where Alex and Jordan turn one of their trademarked* phrases, “Research & Drinkin’,” to tackle a little about their process for finding inspiration.

Episode #079 – Being a Better Bar Patron

Are you a good bar-attender? There are a few unofficial (and sometimes official) rules to be a good bar patron. We gathered these from friends who have worked as bartenders and servers in all ranges of bars, from fine craft cocktail establishments to dive bars.

Episode #066 – Fernet Branca Cocktails

With Fernet Branca measurement is key. When a recipe calls for a bar spoon of it a second bar spoon may make the drink unpalatable to all but the most bitter-loving friends you’ve got. So be careful. And the recipes–well, we could probably post hundreds of them, but we’ll stick to some of our favorites. Our suggestion is to go out and buy a bottle–almost always less than $30–and try it. It’s going to be an acquired taste, but we promise, there is a big payoff once you get there. Enjoy!

Episode #051: Dairy Cocktails – Nogs & More

Milk, creams, and other dairy products can be a lot of fun to play with in a home bar, but there’s definitely some routes not to go. Today, we’ll discuss just a little of past successes—and failures—in lactose-based adventures.