#104 – Vodka Tasting with Modern Bar Cart

Well, it must be of great surprise that we’d willingly and not compelled by a court somewhere submit ourselves to a vodka tasting, based on how we’ve typically treated vodka on this show (briefly, we’ve been quite dismissive). I mean, while the reliable Moscow Mule saves vodka from permanent banishment from our bars (well, at least Alex’s), it’s definitely not the first bottle we reach for. But when our good friend Eric Kozlik, the Chief Executive Officer and Supremely Cool Dude of the Modern Bar Cart, invites us along for a tasting of vodkas of strange origins, we’re at least game to play nicely for a little bit. He’s been a part of two of our favorite episodes (Episode #035: Interview with Eric Kozlik of Embitterment Bitters & Episode #081 – Speaking Easy Gets Interviewed on the Modern Bar Cart Podcast), so we know it would be a good time even if we didn’t enjoy the spirit.

The tasting—involving different vodkas from grape, to mixed grain, to whey—was a fun and interesting way to approach this spirit. To be honest, our (historically low) expectations were slightly exceeded, though don’t expect us to start bringing the flavorless liquor into heavy rotation as result. It appears as though even Jordan, whose appreciation for vodka is similar to his appreciation for Alex’s sense of humor (sad), even found something not horrifically offensive. Which is really saying something.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A little about how and why vodka is made to have no flavor
  • How to properly taste something that doesn’t naturally have a taste
  • A few tidbits about selecting an interesting bottle on the shelf
  • A few of the goings-on of Modern Bar Cart
  • And just how Alex and Jordan fare in dealing with a vodka-based night of delusion

“Clear liquors are for rich women on diets.” – Ron Swanson