Episode #034: Home Bartending – Things We Wish We Knew Starting Out

Things we wish we knew - home bartending

This episode, we reflect on our beginnings as home bartenders. We made several mistakes and missteps, actually we continue to make mistakes (that’s how you learn!). Hear some of what we wish we knew when we started bartending at home.

Home bartending, like many other the great pursuits, is an ongoing journey without a real finish line. It’s something you just start to work on one day—whether it’s the first time you try a craft cocktail, or you learn to make your first Old Fashioned. And we’ve certainly come a long way—and not just since our first episode. We’ve learned all about our own palettes, made vodka work for us instead of the other way around, and explored new and exotic liquors and flavors. We’ve learned what we like, and what we just won’t do. We’ve tried our best to avoid being snobs, but that may not always have been possible. But more than anything, what we’ve learned is best used to help other aspiring home bartenders—whether they are more advanced than us, or just deciding to get their first cocktail book—in our ongoing conversation about making great drinks.

On this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A few do’s (and don’ts, and definitely-don’ts) from Alex and Jordan
  • How a home bartending passion (also called an obsession) can take off
  • A few lessons to take on to your own for building your skills and knowledge as a home bartender

And just as a reminder, we are always wanted to hear from you. We’ve always viewed this podcast as a conversation. And like any good conversation, it goes both ways—and it goes better with a cocktail or three. So, just as a reminder, here is how you can reach us:

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Be sure to let us know about your experience as a home bartender as well—did you make some of the same mistakes? Did you avoid them? What do you think was one of the biggest things you picked up from a friend or a bartender at a favorite haunt?