Episode #066 – Fernet Branca Cocktails

With Fernet Branca measurement is key. When a recipe calls for a bar spoon of it a second bar spoon may make the drink unpalatable to all but the most bitter-loving friends you’ve got. So be careful. And the recipes–well, we could probably post hundreds of them, but we’ll stick to some of our favorites. Our suggestion is to go out and buy a bottle–almost always less than $30–and try it. It’s going to be an acquired taste, but we promise, there is a big payoff once you get there. Enjoy!

Episode #064 – Highball Cocktails

Highball cocktails are mixed drinks made of an alcoholic base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer. Think Gin & Tonic or Whiskey Ginger. Simple yet delicious.

Episode #062 – Oscars Cocktails, Academy Awards Drinks

The Oscars are great for celebrating the great movies of the last year, and whether or not they featured scenes with a brew, a shot, or your favorite Oscars cocktail you should probably have a drink while you watch the awards.

Episode #061 – Chartreuse Cocktails

No matter which hue you choose, this centuries-old liqueur can create more depth and complexity to your cocktails. Whether you are adding a dash to a classic cocktail or serving up a Chartreuse forward concoction, these flavors are worth exploring.

Best Cocktail Bars in DC

Our favorite Washington, DC cocktail bars and drinking establishments, where you’re likely to find us any given weekend – no stalkers please. A comprehensive list of the best places to get a drink in the nation’s capital.

Episode #059 – Super Bowl Cocktails

This is a show primarily about cocktails, so I’ll get to my recipes shortly, but before I do, I have to say that I think of the parties and social norms of Super Bowl celebrations requires any good host of these events to provide his or her guests with plenty of BEER. But, we have some ideas for cocktails too…

Episode #058 – Mocktails

Sometimes you want to take it easy or mix up a drink for a guest who would like to abstain. Shake up a mocktail, kick back, and enjoy. Cheers!